Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Owl Cam’ Acquires Real-Time Animations

Stealing Inspired by an idea from my old friend Chris Cooley, author of the Owl Nest Box app, I’ve created pages (for now, and 12 hours ago) that animate the last four minutes of activity in the nest. There’s nothing like animation to make even tiny motions clearly visible, so these new pages reveal that those times when nothing seems to be happening are, far more often than not, merely a misperception produced by my other visualization strategies. (In fairness to me, those other visualizations made sense when the cam’ first went live, and for some years afterward, but times have changed.)

Anyway, enjoy. Or else.

(Chris gave me the go-ahead for this when I brought-up the idea of adding animated web pages, so I don’t think we’ll be meeting on the field of honor anytime soon. Also, he’s at work on a new version of the Owl Nest Box app that already does better animations than mine. So, take that, me.)