Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Screech Owl Nest Box Cam' Temporarily Returns

Temporarily featured on my screech owl nest box cam': A family of fox squirrels. There's mom, and three pups. The pups stay in the nest all of the time at the moment, while mom is out most of the day inhaling the contents of my bird feeder to make enough milk to keep the pups satisfied. The pups appear to suckle in their sleep, so it's surprising she can meet the demand.

The pups were not born in the nest box; Mme. Squirrel moved them to the nest box a few days ago, presumably in response to rain and/or our increasingly cool weather. Past experience suggests that she will rotate the pups among several nest sites, but for the moment they're in my nest box (stop that gnawing!) and therefore observable.

I don't plan on providing daily commentary, or resuming any of my other owl cam'-related work, but you can watch the critters live. My preferred way of watching them is this five-up view. Other viewing options can be found on the nest box cam' main page.

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