Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Screech Owl Cam' Status

Monday afternoon a fox squirrel moved back into the screech owl nest box. I evicted my four-legged friend as soon as I returned home that night. This was definitely one of the two rodents I've been evicting for the past several weeks; before the box had even reached the ground, the critter had leapt from the entryway and bolted for the shadows. Plainly, it remembered one of our previous encounters and had no intention of allowing that experience to repeat itself. Very sensible. Fortunately for us both, it's warm tonight, so I don't think either of us was too put out.

1 comment:

  1. Refresh my memory, please. When the owls (finally) move in, that will be enough to keep the squirrels (but not the starlings) away, right? Or will repeated encounters with these mammels in the box (they are not inclined to learn from their previous evictions, it would seem) prevent the owls from setting up housekeeping at all?