Thursday, September 13, 2007

Country Lifestyle article

I received my complementary copies of the October issue of Country Lifestyle magazine this afternoon. The article on the Bamberger Ranch uses eight of my photos, including five panoramas. Several of the panos are used as page background, so you can't get a good look at them, but they're there.

For the record, the pictures that include people (the Bambergers, specifically) are not mine. Those were taken by the article's author, Susan M. Sander. So, the credit should actually read something more like "most photos by Chris Johnson". That's not ideal, but it is a big improvement over the magazine's web site, which initially gave credit for the article to someone named "Beverly Burmeier" and credit for the photos to a "Scott Vallance".

Anyway, it's a nice article, and the folks at the magazine did a good job with the layout, so I'm pleased with the result. The curious among you can find the magazine at some of the larger book stores like Barnes & Noble. However, the distribution may be regional, so this may not apply to folks outside the general vicinity of Texas.

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