Sunday, May 11, 2008

Month Names and Day-of-Week Tick Marks

The clock now includes month names in the year ring, and the day tick marks in that ring have been modified to vary their lengths according to the day-of-week. As the first day of the week in the Gregorian Calendar, Sunday has the longest tick mark. Regrettably, just as Javascript provided no means of obtaining internationalized day-of-week names, it provides no means of obtaining internationalized month names, so the clock is stuck with the English names. Sorry, world. Not my fault.

Ideally, you'll see an active analog clock here, rendered using SVG, and animated using Javascript. It works in Safari, anyway.

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  1. Alison in Austria1:26 AM CDT

    And no internationalized week organisation. Where I live, Monday is the first day of the week. Sunday is the last according to that old Bible story "on the seventh day he rested" and the day of the sun, being the most powerful was chosen as the day of, not only the god, but also of God:-)