Friday, June 6, 2008

One-Wheeled Vehicles

As anyone who knows me is aware, I'm no fan of motor vehicles. I believe that anyone who is experiencing "driving excitement" is doing it wrong. I modestly propose that the most effective automotive safety device would be a large spike mounted in the center of the steering wheel, facing the driver. While the utility of automobiles in rural areas is unquestionable, so too, I am convinced, is their ruinous effect on urban areas.

Nonetheless, I still have to pause to earnestly admire the work of Charles F. Taylor, the man who thought that the right number of wheels for a motor vehicle was exactly one. (My thanks to Jay Lake for bringing this link to my attention.) Thinking different is one thing, of course. Building one's ideas is quite another. But Mr. Taylor was up to the challenge.

Wow. Well done. I have no idea if there's any potential for a practical vehicle in his work, but I still have to admire it.

Having realized a few odd ideas of my own with, at best, mixed results, I can't help but wonder how Mr. Taylor felt about having hatched and realized such a remarkable idea, only to find that the world pretty much couldn't care less.

Mister, that's gotta hurt, but let me shake your hand. First round's on me.

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