Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Final Canvases added to Café Show

This afternoon I added the long overdue piece descriptions/prices, and the final three canvases, to my show at the New World Deli & Café here in Austin, at 41st and Guadalupe. So, if you haven't stopped by yet, or you've been waiting to visit, it is now, officially, the perfect time to do so.

A peculiarity of the Café is that it operates as a conventional deli until 5 PM, then it begins a dinner service that adds four entrées and waitstaff to the mix. Occasionally there's music, and on the fourth Thursday of every month there are poetry readings from the Austin Poetry Society.

By the way, if you see something at the show that you like but can't afford (I can sympathize – I can't afford art that's as expensive as mine), I can have smaller giclée-on-paper prints made for considerably less than the mounted canvases. Though they aren't limited editions, and are not as large as the canvases, the color and detail of the paper prints is excellent, and they are made with archival grade ink and paper, of course. The main down side of such prints is that they are sold unframed. The choice of framing can provide the purchaser with a lot of aesthetic flexibility, but quality framing is never cheap. So the paper prints end-up being more expensive than they seem, while the canvases may be considered less expensive than they seem, because they don't require framing.

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