Friday, March 27, 2009

Margaret Bamberger in the Austin American Statesman

My friend Margaret Bamberger received a nice write-up in the Austin American Statesman newspaper today.

The following photo is from Margaret's anti-strip-mining days, as mentioned in the Statesman article. Margaret is kneeling in the foreground, with a copy of her crying cow artwork held up behind her.

Bill Carter, by way of Margie Crisp, writes the following about this photograph:

This picture at Hub Cap Annie's was part of the "Don't Buy It" campaign to keep Austin from investing in a lignite unit at the Fayette Power Plant — after Austin opted out, LCRA dropped plans for the lignite plant and went in with Austin on another Western coal unit. If the lignite unit had been built, a large part of Fayette County would have been strip-mined — hence the crying cow, which also appeared on fund-raising letterhead and so forth.

All the folks in the picture other than Margaret and me were part of the pre-city council Max Nofziger entourage. Max is on my left (to my right in the photo) in shades and cap. On the other side of me is Ester Matthews, who was Max's administrative assistant when he was on the City Council. I don't remember the other folks' names.

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