Thursday, August 13, 2009

Counting Perseids

132 Perseids so far tonight. The moon, unfortunately, is really beginning to wash-out the sky, so, even though the number of meteors should be increasing, the number that are visible seens to be decreasing. Rotten old moon. Not sure if it is worth waiting another hour for the peak to arrive. [It wasn't.]

A little while ago I was visited by two big, pure-white dogs that wouldn't quite let me touch them. They appeared like phantoms in the moonlight, and then they were gone - back to the goat herd they live with in an adjoining pasture. Not sure how they got in here with me and the cows. Hope they come back, though.

From under the moon and stars in a cow pasture in Blanco County, Texas, best wishes, and sleep tight,


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  1. Susan and Jerry1:18 PM CDT

    Wish I had thought to get online when I knew you were out there with your fancy I-phone. Hope you had fun!