Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Parallel Number Crunching – Java and C Source Code

As requested, I've made the source code and sample data for my coplanarity scanning example programs available. These are the programs used to produce the timings shown in my previous post, “Parallel Number Crunching – Java vs. C & Grand Central Dispatch.” Feel free to experiment with them as you wish.

Note that both are hard-coded to break out of their processing loops after the first 5,999,600 planes have been checked for coplanarity with the 30,000 sample points provided in the "data/lc-data-30000.bin" file. That seemed to be a reasonable amount of computation for demonstrating the relative performance of the two implementations. If you want to try to complete the full scan of all possible planes, you'll need to remove that hard-coded break – and then you'll need to wait for a very, very long time.

The more complete Java implementation I've been using for my actual number crunching work has features like saving its processing state periodically, so the program can be quit and later resume running from roughly where it left-off. I've pulled those features out of this example code in order to keep the two implementations similar, small and straightforward.

Here’s wishing you a good night, and good coding.

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