Sunday, May 23, 2010

Screech Owl Nesting Complete

Owlet no. 3 (the last of the two owlets that successfully hatched from the four eggs that were laid), left the nest box around 9 PM last night, and successfully climbed its way to safety in the high, outer branches of the nest box tree. The picture above shows owlet no. 3 beginning that climb.

So, that’s pretty much that for the 2010 nesting season. There may be a few more updates if I catch sight of the owlets over the next week. But they won’t be going back to the nest box no matter what (once they've left, they don’t go back - their instincts appear to operate in one direction only in this matter), so I’ll be shutting down the “live” video as soon as I get around to it.

Thanks to everyone who watched, and especially to those who sent postcards.

By the way, over the last month, Google Analytics shows that the site had 11,271 visitors (no, I don’t know who you are), 192,052 pageviews, 17.04 pages/visit, almost 18 minutes average time on the site, and 24.18% new visitors – and those stats are on the low side, because views of the daily highlights pictures are not recorded. Visitors were primarily from the United States (10,595), but Germany supplied 222, the United Kingdom 162, Canda 134, the Netherlands 30, Hungary 27, France 11, Finland 8, Ireland 6, Australia 5, the Czech Republic 5, New Zealand 3, Turkey 3, India 3, Denmark 2, Malaysia 2, the Philipines 2, and Japan 2. (I’ve omitted the 49 other countries that only supplied one visitor in order to keep that list short.) Anyway, welcome to everyone and I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. To add to your statistics, the thread on rfalconcam forum following your 2010 owl box began on March 21st; as of today there were 2619 visits and 214 posts, including copious captures and captions; it makes pretty wonderful reading in and of itself. I maintain that this black-and-white, non-streaming raptor cam has a Buster-Keaton intensity and immediacy that is unique among cams.
    Also, I mean, screech owls. Jeez.
    Thank you so much, Chris.
    Now I can get back to my life ;)

  2. Alison in Indiana8:27 PM CDT

    I am sorry not to be able to see most of the pictures the captions refer to on rfalconcam. For the statistics there are 7 posts about this camera on Bird Cams Around the World and 9 (mostly mine) on the Kent Eagle Forum.

  3. Alison, I wonder why you couldn't see them...I'm trying to find out. I think they should all be visible.

  4. darn, I guess you have to be logged in as a member to see attached pictures...

  5. Alison in Indiana7:52 PM CDT

    Meaning Chris will not see them either unless he makes the effort to register and log-in. But, of course, he has seen all the photos, since he is the source :-)

  6. Susan G.3:00 PM CDT

    Wow, I've been gone 3 weeks and come back to some funny comments. I think we all laughed together, right?
    Love the owl picts and happy you are happy. Can't wait to show you our photos with the camera you loaned us. thanks.