Wednesday, July 14, 2010

“Rotating Spiral” becomes a Google “Chrome Experiment”

My combination of Javascript and SVG that produces a rotating spiral graphic (“you are getting sleepy... very sleepy”) has been accepted by Google as an official “Chrome Experiment.” You can find the Chrome Experiments main page at, and my spiral experiment at

I’ve also submitted several other of my Javascript/SVG experiments. I thought the rotating spiral was the weakest of them, so I was surprised, but pleased, when it was accepted. Hopefully, some or all of the others will ultimately be accepted as well. And, for anyone who doesn’t want to wait, you can find all of my experiments on my Automatons page – with one notable exception: my MazeWars SVG game. Unfortunately, it can’t be run as a stand-alone application – it requires someone to setup a game server.


  1. Alison in Indiana6:19 AM CDT


  2. Chris! Jeez. I almost coughed up a pellet. I had to fly around, eat some rats and regain my composure. Congratulations, but I'll stick to roller coasters.