Monday, February 21, 2011

White-Tailed Deer Amid Zexmenia

White-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, amid blooming Zexmenia,
Wedelia hispida. Bamberger Ranch Preserve, June 9, 2007.
Photo ©2007-2011 by Chris W. Johnson.

I keep telling David Bamberger that he should share random photos of interest from around the ranch with his blog readers, even if he has nothing to say about the photos, both because it gives the readers a chance to see something of the ranch they might otherwise never see, and because it will fill-in the gaps between his lengthier posts, which should please his readership. I think I have him convinced, but he hasn’t done it yet. In this case, I’m taking my own advice. Enjoy.


  1. I am assuming you sent a message to Colleen suggesting that very thing as she could put it up in a flash. great picture by the way!

  2. Colleen and I have been swapping emails lately, but not about the blog. I put my blog suggestions directly to David or the David/Lois chimera. As far as I know, Colleen doesn't have the keys to the blog. Although, if she wants ’em and it’s OK with David, that could be fixed in no time.