Monday, April 30, 2012

Owl Cam’ Acquires -12 Hours Views

My eastern screech owl nest box cam‘ has acquired a new set of viewing options: The “twelve hours ago“ views. I see these as a major enhancement for everyone whose sleep schedule overlaps night here in Austin, and thus the owls’ period of maximum activity.

In the past, for instance, schools in the UK have been able to use this cam’ as an educational tool, but not (for the most part) schools in the US, because, during school hours, the owls are either sleeping, or just meandering within the nest box. That’s a real-enough part of owl life, but not the most educational part.

Anyway, while the metaphorical paint on the new code is still very wet, it does work, and the various edge cases I had to neglect to get the code out while it could still do viewers any good, shouldn't cause more than a modicum of confusion, if they arise at all. Since long-time views have had to cope with all manner of transitory problems before, I think the new feature will work out well enough for the time being.

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  1. Susan G.10:32 AM CDT

    Coolness! I have posted your videos and other Owl progress to my Facebook page. Lots of Likes.