Monday, February 11, 2013

Owl Cam’ Goes Live for Pre-Nesting Activity

Owl Cam’ viewers can now witness the current pre-nesting behavior. With an owl consistently spending the day in the nest box, I’ve fired-up the nest box cam’, even though nesting may still be some weeks away, and have modestly improved the main page, primarily with the simple addition of the small, five minute, time-lapse movie from 12 hours earlier (it sits directly beneath the current five minute time-lapse movie). With an owl spending the day in the box, and various courtship activities taking place primarily in the hours after sunset, there will almost always be something to watch (with a bit of continued luck).


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM CST

    Ah serendipity! Hearing the first hummer of the year today and sadly finding a huge mess of screech owl feathers in my yard :( reminded me to check your site for activity. Hooray! I'm so looking forward to another season of OwlCam!

  2. I checked your blog yesterday and you mentioned that the nest box cam is on. I cannot seem to get to that page. All the links send me to last year's page. Is it me or something else. Thanks for your help. Can't wait to see the owls doing their thing.

  3. Barbara,

    Sorry to have caused confusion. To bring the cam' up as quickly as possible, I kept last-year's page in place. The "live" and (T-12 hours) images are, however, current. I'll be putting a clean 2013 page in place reasonably soon.