Friday, March 16, 2007

Screech Owl Cam' Returns

Mme. Owl is spending her first day in the nest box today, so I'm declaring the 2007 nesting season underway, and I've brought up the nest box cam' site accordingly. From this point forward, all information about the owls and the cam' will be posted to that page. I might mention major events on this blog from time to time, for people not following the blow-by-blow account on the cam' site, but for the remainder of this nesting season that'll be about the only intersection between this blog and my screech owls.


  1. LOL, Chris many of us have been waiting! So good to see it up again and it looks like Madame Owl is getting quite settled and comfy.

    Looking forward to yet another season of your sharing this wonderful nest cam with all of us!

    km Buffalo, NY

  2. Thank-you so much, Chris. I will head over to the cam site right away and only check in here occasionally to read what else you are up to.

  3. My screech owls babies all just fledged. There were three. Had the worst time keeping the squirrels out. Next year, squirrel guards for sure.
    The box she chose is actually a red bellied woodpecker house but it fit her size. This was my first nesting of screech owls. She started the nest around March 10 or 12th. All fledged by last night. We actually saw the mother, father and two babies in the wooded lot next door to her house.