Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bamberger Ranch, Upper Miller Creek, Warbler Trail Branch

Bamberger Ranch, Upper Miller Creek, Warbler Trail Branch. ©2007 Chris W. Johnson

This is the panorama that required me to setup my equipment in just under four feet of water, with the top of the tripod just barely above the waves. I'd've gladly moved closer to the falls, but the bottom of the pool was dropping off too steeply to allow it. Because a number of prominent foreground elements were in continuous motion as they bobbed slightly in the current, I strongly suspected that this HDR pano would be unusable. However, I'm very pleasantly surprised. A small portion of the right side had to be cropped off, and small defects remain here and there, but the sense of the place, including the sheer volume of water moving through it, completely overwhelms the visual trivia of the defects.

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