Thursday, April 19, 2007

Qwicap 1.4b5 Released

Qwicap version 1.4b5 eliminates a case in QwicapServlet in which HttpServletResponse.sendError could throw an IllegalArgumentException, because an Auth2Scheme implementation had refused access to the web application, and had already caused the response to be committed (for instance, by redirecting the user to an authentication page). QwicapServlet now invokes sendError only when the response has not been committed. And that's as exciting as this release gets, which is good news, because it means the beta cycle is winding-down toward a true release.

For those unfamiliar with Qwicap, allow me to throw in the standard blurb:

Qwicap is a Java web application development API that discards the traditional hit-run-exit CGI model, automatically provides rich state, and supplies a powerful, extremely easy-to-use XML "templating" engine to avoid mixing code and content. It builds on Servlet, XHTML and CSS technologies.

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