Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forgotten December

The presence of an unfamiliar species of sparrow at my bird feeder the other day prompted me to grab a camera, only to find that its storage card was full ... with I knew not what. I was on the verge of erasing its contents sight unseen, when I thought better of it. Below are some of those photos, all taken, it turns out, on December 4, 2007, on a visit to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve.

A female leopard frog awaits lunch in shallow water.

The richly distorted lens of water.

Water plants through ripples.

Water plants through ripples.

Oak fire.

The textures of winter grass.

I'm glad I cancelled the erasure of these photos, but frustrated that I never did get a picture of my mystery sparrow. It was an utterly unremarkable sparrow in all respects other than having parallel horizontal bands of pure white and black marking the sides of its face. As usual, nothing in my bird books quite looks like it. Identification suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Susan Gatlin8:27 AM CDT

    Great pictures. Your trash is my treasure. Good luck figuring out the bird. We are off fly fishing in East TN, will show you photos when we return.