Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your Birthright, Stolen by Light Pollution

The night sky. It's the birthright of every person on Earth, but how many of us have ever had the opportunity to really see it?

See also: The International Dark-Sky Association.


  1. I've seen it, for real, a number of times, but only by going way the hell off the beaten path. Mt. Locke, TX; Taos Ski Valley, NM, etc.

  2. Alison in Austria1:46 PM CDT

    I too have seen it, on an old ship in the middle of the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean while sailing around the world in 1969. It is wonderful and I do feel robbed that I cannot see it from my own front yard (which one almost could when the house was built in 1964, but not anymore, now that the "city" has come up to the country and surrounded us). A bit less than ten years ago I last saw it in rural Kentucky, but when I went back a year later to observe the persiad meteors in August the only neighbor for miles around had installed a humongous floodlight and the sky was practically gone.

  3. That image made me say "wow". I can only imagine what it looks like in person.