Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photographing the Night Shift

About a month ago my (steel garbage) cans of bird seed started being raided by a family of raccoons. I didn't mind; it seemed to me that they'd have been pretty dumb raccoons to pass up such a plentiful food source. (And I wouldn't want to have stupid raccoons, that'd just be embarassing.) Unfortunately, they made quite a mess of the bird seed. I've subsequently secured the lids of the cans with steel cables, but didn't want to loose my night shift visitors, so I started putting out some dog food in a dish. That kept their interest, and that of at least one of our local marsupials. Also, it's cheaper than the bird seed.

For some time now, I've wanted to get pictures of the local nocturnal critters, but either the critters, or my homebrew infrared camera trigger, weren't cooperating. Tonight, I captured photos of a visitor for the first time.

The first photo raises the important question: Now that red-eye removal is a common feature in photo retouching applications, where's the green-eye removal?

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  1. Uncle Larry11:59 AM CDT

    Give the critters a dish of water so they can "dunk" their food.