Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The night before the peak of the Perseids, I managed to capture several meteors between, or through, the clouds. Below is the best of those photos.

Perseid meteor. Copyright 2008 Chris W. Johnson, All Rights Reserved.

A note to users of Apple's Aperture application and Canon XTi cameras: The version 2.0 RAW presets are very poorly suited to this sort of photography. I wondered if my camera might be broken, because the images from this meteor shower were so different and bad relative to those from previous showers, but switching back to the 1.1 RAW presets produced much better images, including the new edition of the picture above.

Last night, the peak of the shower, was pea-soup cloudy - I only saw two meteors in four hours and caught none on camera.

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  1. Great picture! And what a great story to go along with it in the previous post. Thanks for sharing the experience.