Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Egg of 2012

Mme. Owl provides a glimpse of this year's first egg, not more than two hours after it was laid, I'd guess.


  1. how exciting! A friend asked me about following the cam this year - will you only be posting photos here rather than the other page? Also - I'm really enjoying the iPhone app but I can't find a link to it anywhere anymore - not available?

  2. Mary Beth,

    I'll get the normal page up ASAP, but have to finish adapting my software (and some other people's) to routinely acquire the still images. That's been more complex than anticipated, but, all things being equal, nothing I can't handle. Like any sensible software developer, I avoid discussing schedules (they are always wrong), so I can only say I'm anxious to make that happen and am working accordingly.

    As to my old friend Chris Cooley's iPhone app, I think he's ready to go, and is just waiting for me to setup the website to supply the images. Since the cam' shutdown after last year's nesting season, he's had the app pulled from the App Store, in order to avoid confusing people who expect to download it and see owls, not realizing that there were no longer any owls to see. As soon as I get the semi-real-time images back on the web site, he'll make the app visible in the App Store again, with a few tweaks to improve iOS 5 compatibility. (I've asked about an iPad app, but I don't think his spare time can support such an effort.)