Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three Eggs and Half an Owl

Not a lot to report, because we’re still at three eggs, and Mme. Owl is still in brooding mode, as she will be until the owlets are about three weeks old (although nest box temperatures will affect whether she’s actually brooding at any given time - if it's hot enough in there brooding becomes redundant).

Are more eggs still a possibility? Yup, but for a limited time only.

Meanwhile (for the technically inclined, the masochistic, or both), I continue to write Java implementations of the RTSP, RTP and RTCP protocols so that I can interface the streaming video coming from my new video capture device with the JCodec library which should be able to decode that video into a format that the traditional Owl Cam' software can enhance and upload to the owl cam' web site. The RTSP code is done. I can receive streams of RTP datagrams containing the video (I assume), and the RTCP code is receiving datagrams and partially decoding them. It's not yet clear to me how complete my RTCP implementation has to be in order for everything to work correctly long-term, given that I'm dealing with a very simple unicast situation. In principle, if I can wrap-up the RTCP code sufficiently for these purposes, and there are no more rude surprises (fellow programmers, try to stop laughing), still images could be restored to the web site pretty quickly.

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  1. thank you, Chris, for your time and your good efforts to bring us owl halves and wholes. Nice posterior view on this one.