Sunday, March 3, 2013

Screech Owl Cam’ Once Disabled, Now Disappeared

An email received last night alerted me to a new development regarding my disabled eastern screech owl cam’: it has now been disappeared, as well. Where there was a web server still offering the content accumulated over the last 13 years (and the embarassment of days old “live” images from this year), now there is nothing at all. And still not a word of communication from whoever is responsible. A lot can be read into this development, but it's hard to know what would or wouldn't be correct.

If you’d like to see the cam’ return, I still think the best approach is a polite email request to the Office of the President of The University of Texas at Austin. I'm certain that the Office of the President had nothing to do with any of this (so direct no anger there), nor do I think anyone there would approve of it, and there’s no place in UT Austin more able to cut through whatever nonsense is going on.

Let’s just hope they’re able to do so before the eggs start hatching around the middle of this month. For a lot of people that’s the most exciting single part of the two month nesting process, and, of course, it marks the start of the best educational opportunity: watching each owlet develop over just four weeks from something that fit into a seven-tenths of an ounce egg, born blind and too weak to hold up it’s own head, into a well organized pile of feathers filled with energy and curiosity.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM CST

    You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I will write. I thought maybe a temporary glitch until it lasted more than a day. I miss looking at 'my' owls on my phone!

    Palo Alto, CA

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM CST

    I sent an email to the University also - keeping my fingers crossed.

    Best wishes,
    Leslie in Kansas

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM CDT

    Success! Like other web cam fans who contacted the University, I'm sure, I received an email message from the University President saying the webcam has been restored...hopefully in time for hatch #1. Looking forward to another fascinating and informative season of Chris' Eastern Screech Owl web cam.

    Leslie in Kansas