Saturday, March 2, 2013

What I Told BaggyWrinkle About the Owl Cam’

Reader/viewer BaggyWrinkle asked a good question about encouraging the restoration of the owl nest box cam’ in a comment about my previous post. I replied, but neither the comment nor the reply are displayed by default by Blogger (maybe that can be fixed, but I haven’t found the right setting). So, let me take this opportunity to hang a lantern on my reply to BaggyWrinkle.


  1. Just submitted my email on behalf of myself and my students! We need our owls!

    Fingers crossed that the site will be reinstated. I've been a faithful fan of Mme. & Mr. Owl for 8 years and have been really looking forward to the new nesting season. I was just commenting the other day how great the site was looking and running this year, too...

    1. Thank you so much for that. Not just for the support, which says that other people see the value in this project that I do (and perhaps I don't appreciate fully the value of the project to some people like yourself), but also to hear that the site has been useful to you and your students is a point of pride for me. I'm glad when I can provide a little education, or inspiration to anyone (or just satisfy the curiosity of passersby). I'm glad in bulk when I hear from educators who are using it with their classes.

      I hope that the President’s Office will become aware of this project and its value, and be motivated not merely to put an end to the present problem, but support the expansion of the site to make it an even more engaging resource for you and your students (and, for that matter, everyone else, too).

      Thanks again.


  2. Anonymous9:05 AM CST

    email sent to the president as well. sure hope it's resolved very soon. thanks chris!