Monday, March 29, 2010

In Which I Appear on the Bamberger Ranch Blog

I've just learned that I'm putting in an appearance on the Bamberger Ranch Journal this week. Thanks, David, for the kind words, and for plugging the owl cam’. (BTW, that blog post was delayed not by David, but by me, because I haven't been checking my email often enough while I've been out of the office letting my knee heal.)

Anyone viewing that blog entry should be warned that there’s no such thing as a good picture of me. I can’t produce a smile on command that doesn’t scare children. (Well, probably. I haven’t actually tested; there are, after all, ethical issues relating to human testing, especially on children.) I don’t even seem to be able to reliably arrange my features in a neutral, but moderately photogenic pattern. This has produced more than a few problems over the years, including the occasion when I had to supply a head shot to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center when a show of my panoramas was taking place there a few years back. I took about eighty shots of my head, until the futility of the exercise wore me out, and I settled for something neutral and, at least, not obviously frightening. (That's the photo on my home page at the moment; one of my favorite panoramas—taken on the Bamberger Ranch, BTW—is hanging in the background.)

By the way, folks in the Austin-area can still see that and four other of my panoramas on display over at the New World Deli, where they seem to be on semi-permanent display (17 months and counting), and the owner is threatening to buy the lot, if I’ll set him up with a payment plan.

Folks out in Johnson City can still see (and buy) one of my other panoramas that is on display in the Johnson City Public library. I believe it’s in the new Natural History section endowed by David & Margaret Bamberger. Appropriately, that pano was shot on the Bamberger Ranch one day when Margaret and I were making the photographic rounds of the place. I’d been trying to shoot a good pano in that meadow for three years, and that day everything finally came together.

Another Showing

I’ve been offered the chance to show my work as part of a monthly, one-night show here in Austin late next month. If I can get my act together in time, I’ll print replacements for the items that’ve sold during the extended Deli show, and will also show two panoramas that haven’t been printed before. I’ll post more details when I’m more certain that I’ll be up to participating.


  1. There is nothing wrong with your photos. You look a bit sheepish on the Bamberger Ranch Blog, but nothing that would scare small children. The one on your home page is actually quite studly. I would be happy to introduce you to my sister, if I had one ;-)
    Thanks for the four egg shot currently on the screech owl website. Looks very positive. By the way, have you seen the male (who must be around somewhere, no male = no viable eggs)? Or even heard him?

  2. I heard the male several times before nesting began, calling his mate quite loudly. He was probably calling from the nest box, or nearby it. Now, however, he's keeping a lower sonic profile. Of course, with Mme. Owl incubating the eggs in earnest, his work load has gone up; since she's not out hunting for herself (at least not much), it's up to him find enough food for both of them. I've glanced him in a few nest cam' shots (on his way out after making a food delivery, in most cases), but I haven't seen him personally. However, I haven't made any particular effort to do so, either. All things being equal, he and the missus are probably happier the less human attention they receive. But, at some point, like when the owlets have begun leaving the nest, I expect I'll be out there with a camera, tripod and light doing my best to get photos of the whole family, as usual.

  3. Susan G.10:28 AM CDT

    Lots of news you've reported. Can't wait to see your new photos, will that be at The New World Deli or somewhere else? I think it was a nice smile.
    My sister's a little old for you but I promise to introduce you when she comes around next.

  4. The new prints will appear at that one night show first, then I expect they'll end-up on display at the Deli. I'll post more details when I'm more confident that I've got them nailed down.

  5. "I took about eighty shots of my head, until the futility of the exercise wore me out,"
    Indeed, someone else* needs to take your portrait, preferably when you are enjoying something you do well. Then you will be relaxed, happy and it will show in one of the images. Digital cameras are great for such things - one may take a couple hundred pictures and only keep one. Back in the days of actual film the hundred images needed to be developed before one found the "one" now one clicks through and deletes the dross immediately without polluting the waterways.

    *Susan G seems to be a fan, people who admire you are close enough for one to be relaxed with them wielding a camera, but not too close...