Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mme. Owl Prepares the Nest Box

A female eastern screech owl visited my nest box this morning. I noticed the visit entirely by chance around 3:15 AM, and she stayed another 20 minutes, while I watched her performing actions characteristic of a female preparing to nest – namely pushing around the bedding material on the floor of the box to create a depression in which eggs could be laid.

My screech owls may be running later than usual, but it appears there's still a very solid chance they'll be nesting in the box.

And if that happens, the screech owl cam' will return.


  1. Mme OWL! YES!
    Owl box hell may just have been purgatory, Chris!
    Hope you've got a live one!

  2. Susan G.3:07 PM CDT

    Good news. Hoping the knee thing doesn't keep you from enjoying all things owl like.

  3. Wonderful! Hope Mme Owl is joined soon by a mate with owlets to follow. So looking forward to your accounts.