Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Egg and Counting

Pat asked if I’d ever share the overhead views from the attic camera that I use for egg counting. Here’s just such a view that was captured early this morning. It shows the egg that was laid on the 22nd. (I expect to see that another egg was laid today, but won’t be able to confirm that expectation until Mme. Owl exits the nest box this evening.)

In previous years, I’d’ve included images like this one in the daily updates on the owl cam’ site, but I haven’t had the energy to put together daily image collections so far this year. Also, in my archive of images from the box (each season produces about 346,000 images, and I keep them all), there should be a slightly higher quality (less compressed) version of this image, and, all things being equal, that’s the version I’d want to share on the owl cam’ site.

Soon. I’ll get around to it soon.


  1. I has begun !!!!!!!!!

  2. Posting it here is just as good, Chris. Most long time friends of your owlcam have been watching and reading here during the dry spell in the nestbox the past couple of years. Indeed, I have posted your blog URL on cyberbirding sites myself:-)