Thursday, March 17, 2011

Egg no. 3 Arrives Early?

Noticed just now: Egg no. 3 has arrived. Unless my memory is going, the interval between the laying of each egg in a clutch is supposed to increase over time, but I don’t think that has happened in this case. I’ll have to review frames from the nest box this weekend to try to narrow-down the time at which each egg appeared, but I think the delay between eggs no. 2 and 3 was either the same, or a bit less than, the delay between eggs no. 1 and 2. If so, Mme. Owl has pulled-off an interesting trick.

In any case, egg no. 3 has arrived, and that’s good news, no matter the timing.


  1. In case it helps you narrow it down, by 5:46 am on the 17th there were three eggs, and the layer of said eggs had gone out partying.

  2. Susan Gatlin12:06 PM CDT

    I've been gone for a week hiking in East TN and heard a few owls but come back to your webcam to 3 eggs!!! I posted your blog before I left to my facebook page and they are commenting there. I'll try to get them to comment on your blog, too! Happy that your webcam is operational again.