Friday, March 4, 2011

Owl, meet Owl Box; Owl Box, meet Owl

I haven’t brought-up my eastern screech owl nest box cam’ for the year, because nesting isn’t underway, but I’ve been running the image capture software anyway, trying to confirm my suspicion that my local owls are actually preparing to nest in my box. And, as you can see, I now have confirmation.

That’s the female owl shoving around the bedding material to create a depression to hold her eggs at some point in the future. She probably gets it more-or-less the way she likes it every night and then a pair of starlings spend the day ruining everything. Fortunately, shoving around the bedding material is quick work.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

    I need to make a new house and see what happens.

  2. Susan Gatlin5:23 PM CST


  3. woooohooo! So excited!

  4. Woooohooooo! So exciting! She's gorgeous!

  5. Robin in Southlake7:20 PM CST

    Great! I'm glad I checked your site because a male owl had been roosting in our nest box all winter and then a female (probably the pair who raised 4 owlets last year in my nest box) showed up last month. I haven't seen either of them in about 10 days and I thought they might have decided not to use the nest box this year. :-( After reading your posts, I'm thinking they'll probably be back when she's ready to lay the eggs. Off to get some bedding for the nest box! Thank you for your updates Chris.