Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mme. Owl Spending Her 2nd Day in Nest Box

Mme. Owl spent all of yesterday in the nest box, which suggests that the appearance of the first egg is very near. She’s now begun spending her second consecutive day in the nest box, which suggests that that bit in the first sentence about “the first egg is very near” is correct. You can see for yourselves on the owl cam’, assuming it isn’t de-railed by one of the technical issues I’m trying to deal with.

BTW, fellow owl watchers, I brought-down the nest box last night and removed all of the nesting materials dumped there by the pair of starlings that’ve been trying to claim the box. So, today you should actually be able to see Mme. Owl. (Thanks to my raptor rehabber friend, Sallie, for supplying some spare bedding material at the last minute.)

The only bad news is that something has begun preventing the ceiling and entryway illuminators from working correctly. I did not open up the entryway assembly as part of the post-bee cleanup work (doing so requires a socket wrench, some pounding, and time), and since that contains an illuminator wired in series with the ceiling illuminators, I suspect the problem is in there. If Mme. Owl spends the night outside the nest again, I’ll see if I can fix the problem tonight.


  1. We appreciate all you do to let us in on the lives of owls. I am sharing your webcam with all my new owl loving friends. Thanks

  2. I'm very excited about a new season!

  3. first egg appeared just a while ago.