Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mme. Owl May be Spending Her First Day in the Nest

Mme. Owl may be spending her first day in the nest box this year. If so, things are moving along a bit faster than I expected. The first egg, if memory serves, may appear within two days.

Mme. Owl in the nest box this morning, amid debris deposited there by a pair of starlings. So far this year, she hasn’t remained in the nest box for more than about 10 minutes at a time (although the number and duration of her nightly visits has been increasing), and she has never been in the box during daylight hours.


  1. Thank you to whomever cleaned the nest up! Those starlings sure made a muck of the place...they are the worst sort of renters ;-) thank you for cleaning it up so we can have a lovely view of Mme Owl and her (hopefully soon to be forthcoming) owlets!

  2. Thanks for the captures! There are some great ones already. The one of two starlings is a hoot, as is the formal "welcome to my owlbox" ceremony (0304-012200)

  3. wolfwatcher, the cleanup person would be me. This is all a one-guy operation. (Although I have to give credit to my raptor rehabber friend Sallie for providing me with some extra bedding material that I couldn't obtain on short notice.) So, anyway, you’re welcome. Having that starling debris in the way of good views of the box interior was going to drive me nuts in short order. And the idea of living with it for the next two months, while having to say things like “no, really, there is an owl in there you just can't see her”, was somewhat less appealing than, say, eating sand over and over again, every day, for a couple of months.