Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today’s Chickens; Yesteryear’s Goats

Observed on my street today: A pair of chickens browsing someone’s front lawn. Not the sort of thing I see everyday. Or ever.

However, there was a Christmas day around ten years ago when I looked out of my front window and saw someone leading a herd of goats down the street. I’ve checked on subsequent Christmas days and not seen a single goat, which has been disappointing. I wouldn’t like to think that neighborhood weirdness had peaked all those years ago, with no chance of a comeback.

Today’s chickens show that there’s still a modicum of hope for this old neighborhood.


  1. Alison in Indiana2:03 PM CDT

    they must know that a bird-friendly guy lives there...

  2. it's always startling and wonderful to see live things in unusual locations. I've had neighbors' dogs get into my apartment and even that is entirely mind-bending -- "DOGS running THERE???" Changes the whole way the space looks. And of course chickens in more or less urban areas are an utter delight (and far too rare).